5 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Glasses TODAY!

In today’s digital age, not only have styles changed, but our needs in general have changed! Over 60% of Americans suffer from Digital Eye Strain - and that number will only grow as more of us begin to identify the cause of the various symptoms many of us power through daily!

The average person spends 10 hours every day in front of screens, exposed to damaging blue light rays. That sounds like a lot - but if you track your screen time, you may just find you spend even more time than that on your laptop, tablet, cell phone, and other devices.

That’s why we strongly recommend upgrading your glasses, ASAP!

Lenses Designed for Modern Life

Luckily, as the needs of the average American have changed, so have the lenses available. There are now a wide variety of lenses built specifically for our modern lifestyles. There are now blue light glasses that help to minimize the damaging effects of our electronically-driven work and personal lives. Whether you require vision correction and wear glasses or contacts already or are simply looking to combat future eye damage and day to day strain and lost sleep, you can pick out the very best pair of glasses for you. Anti-glare blue light glasses let you see clearly and look amazing!

You NEED Better Sleep

Let’s face it - we could all use more sleep. Whether you have little ones waking you up in the night, you’re up early for work, or you’re up and out on the town late at night, it seems like there’s always something keeping you from getting the sleep you need! But, what if once you do get to lay your head on a pillow, you could optimize the hours you have and get the best possible rest? Blue light blocking glasses can help! Blue light from your digital devices disrupts melatonin production, which regulates your sleep cycle. So, even when you’re able to get to bed, you may not be getting great rest. Blue light glasses are designed to relieve your sleep deprivation!

More Productivity = More Free Time

In 2019, who doesn’t need a bit more free time to spend with family and friends? It is a simple fact that many of us work far too much and play far too little! One way to combat this problem is to make sure our time spent working is working “smarter, not harder.” In other words, we want to increase productivity so we can get the job done and get on home, right!? Well, Digital Eye Strain leads to poor sleep as well as chronic headaches, both of which are terrible for productivity! Blue light blocking lenses are the perfect solution!

Long-Term Eye Health

Maybe you already wear glasses or contacts. And maybe you have 20/20 vision. Either way, there is no denying that blue light is damaging to your eyes. It’s nearly impossible to avoid screen time, as hard as we may try. Digital devices are part of almost every aspect of our lives. If you want to keep your eyes healthy, a quality pair of anti-glare lenses is your best bet!

Choices… So Many Choices!

There are so many frames to choose from for your upgraded glasses! No matter what your style and no matter where and when you plan to wear your glasses, there’s a pair you will love! Protecting your eyes, sleep cycle, productivity, and more can be sexy, flirty, professional, retro-chic, or all of the above with the hundreds of options you have at your fingertips!

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