Our Lenses

MOONSPECS has partnered with a grade-A professional lens manufacturer to produce FDA-tested lenses that meet the highest quality standards. Their optical lab uses state-of-the-art machinery and the most comprehensive of industry tests to ensure that lenses are created precisely to each customer’s individual prescription.

Proprietary Blue Light Filter

Our lenses are different because the blue-light filter is integrated directly into the lens monomer itself (patented technology n° CN103465418A), rather than a coating that can scratch or wear away.

Not only are they more durable than coated lenses, they are also more effective as they block more than 50% of blue light between 400-480nm, as opposed to 30% (spectrum tested).

Tested by NSL Analytical Services, Inc.

Virtually Clear

Computer glasses are beer goggles - literally. Lenses harshly tinted yellow or orange certainly don’t look great, and watching Netflix in orange is no fun.

The traditional alternative is a blue-cut coating applied to regular clear lenses. Again, this can look strange as the coating produces annoying purple reflections particularly noticeable in photos.

More importantly, coated lenses only filter 30% of harmful blue light because some tint is needed for more effective filtration.

Enter our lenses. With a tiny amount of tint that’s barely noticeable and an anti-glare (AR) treatment to minimize eye strain, 50% of blue-light is blocked.

Now that really is out of this world.


Blue-Light Coated

Blue-Cut Coated Lens

Tinted Computer Glasses

Made to Withstand Daily Wear & Tear

Each pair of lenses is hardened with a scratch-resistant treatment. We also apply coatings that repel water and oil making any dirt or grease a breeze to wipe off (sans streaking).

Oily fingerprints wipe off without streaking or need for cleaning solution.

Water beads and slides off easily, making these wearable in rain or snow.


Glare comes from many sources, including monitors, mobile screens and lighting. It can cause artificial feedback which makes the fragile ciliary muscles in our eyes work harder and prone to strain. Glare is especially a problem at nighttime.
To combat this, we apply an anti-reflective (AR) coating to our lenses, which minimizes unnecessary reflections of light and enhances visual acuity. This means you see more clearly without straining your eyes.

Anti-glare coating minimizes reflective feedback that stresses the eyes.