We wouldn’t look at the sun without protection from UV light. Why do we expose ourselves to so much blue-light from digital screens?

Protect your eyes from the harmful effects of digital screens for better health, productivity and sleep.

Why is blue light bad?

Recognize any of these symptoms after staring at a screen? If yes, you’ve probably experienced Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome caused by overexposure to blue light at some point.

Tired, Irritated Eyes

Migraines & Light Sensitivity

Poor Sleep

Blurred Vision


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Yes, we can customize blue light blocking lenses to your prescription. We fulfil single-vision prescriptions and readers, starting from just $9 on top of the frame.

We now also offer progressive blue-light blocking lenses for $150 on top of the frame.

It's what's inside that counts. MOONSPECS blue light filtering lenses use a full saturation technology, whereby the filter is actually embedded into the lens resin. This allows them to block 50%+ of blue light.
On the other hand, surface coatings block only 3% of blue light, and even less in the dangerous wavelengths below 470nm. Not only that, coatings can chip away especially if exposed to solvents like sweat, chemicals and salt water.

Computer Vision Syndrome Glasses are far more effective than apps such as F.lux and Apple Night Shift because they filter blue light and reduce glare. The apps do not change the LEDs on your screen that produce the harmful blue light, so this will still enter your eyes and can potentially damage them.
Computer Vision Syndrome Glasses, on the other hand, filter harmful blue light so less penetrates your eyes. The most effective type of protective glasses incorporate blue blocking material into the lenses rather than as a coating. These glasses block 50 percent of harmful blue light, as opposed to coated glasses that block 20-30 percent. They also look better as they remain clear all day rather than turning blue as they absorb the blue light and are healthier for our sleep-wake cycle as they allow some blue light to penetrate.

Our lenses filter out 50%+ of harmful high-energy blue light and 100% of UV light - which are responsible for macular degeneration, retinal cell death, vitamin D destruction, cataracts and melatonin suppression. We allow beneficial green light (470+ nm), which is responsible for circadian rhythm regulation and memory, to pass through to the retina. 

We are super serious about our blue light blocking lenses and took great care to source the best ones money can buy. Our patented lenses have undergone drop ball and spectral transmission tests by independent 3rd party labs. You can check out the transmission chart here, as well as learn more about our blue light filtering lenses here.

blue light blocking glasses spectral transmission chart

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