Blue Light Blocking Glasses Reviews

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I have been using these for the last 5 years, they are my go to, love them!!



My favorite

These are super comfortable and realistic. I recommend them.

First time contact lens user who doesn't need vision correction & tips for first time users

Have been wanting to try color contacts for a while now. I don't need prescriptions or vision correction, just wanted something fun to wear. I'm glad I picked EyeCandys, the care guides were super helpful for me as a first time user. Great customer service! The team replies really fast (they replied within 24 hours for me) if you have any questions or concerns about your order. These contacts are super comfortable. These are my first experience with contacts so I don't have much to compare them to but I am someone who has slightly sensitive eyes, they don't bother me and are probably more comfortable for me to wear than false lashes (that's how comfortable they can be). They are more subtle than I thought they would be on me (I have dark brown eyes) which is still nice, it's not too dramatic but still noticeable. Great for if you go out during the day because natural or direct light into your eyes help them stand out. Definitely looking forward to trying out more styles in the future ^^

-Keep eye drops around in case your eyes get dry
-Also keep a contact lens case with contact solution in case your eyes get irritated for any reason
-Read over instructions carefully! Or at least look at the pictures
-Be patient & careful when putting them on for the first time (I dropped them a few times, always rinse with solution after if you do just in case)
-Don't let the contacts get too dry (when you're not soaking them; ie. when you take them out of solution to put on)
-Try not to wear them more than the recommended length of time (6 hours) especially if you don't need vision correction or have sensitive eyes (: just have fun with them~

Beautifully natural on my blue eyes!

I have naturally blue eyes and I wanted to try green eyes. They blend in so well. Nobody has noticed besides my boyfriend. Here is what they look like!

Nice contacts

These contacts are overall pretty comfortable. They look good, but they were quite a bit lighter than I thought they would be. It's almost a goldish/orangey hue, but they're quite pretty! I can wear them all day, only complaint is that they're not 100% centered in my eye so sometimes the colored part gets in my field of vision. I'd recommend!

Absolutely stunning

I love these! I have naturally green eyes, but wanted to give them a little pop of something new. These allow the green to show immediately around my pupils, then give a natural looking fade to teal. Also, they're very comfortable to wear.

Amazing and comfortable

Love this contacts, this is my favorite contact lenses so far!

Nice color

They were a nice color to my eyes. Sometimes though they feel scratchy.

Love my contacts!!

I ordered the sandy beige and they are so beautiful!! I absolutely love them!! I can’t believe how affordable they are and what excellent service I received.


Fast delivery and comfortable

Comfy lenses

These are the first contacts that didn’t dry out my eyes and that are comfy to wear!

Wicked 💜

Super, super wicked contacts. They look awesome in but took me a bit to figure out which was for which eye, as they're not labeled. Doesnt take away from anything. Good customer service as well. Will 100% be getting all my contacts from here.


These are so pretty and look so real. The only problem I had is that it would bother my right eye after some time, because I have an astigmatism. But, I didn’t care because they are so beautiful haha!

Lots of complements

Very nice and everyone complemented them

really cute



Nice color for my brown eyes

pretty natural! gorgeous in sunlight

Definitely my favorites and I loved them😍💙

Super comfy

Ok so I really loved how thin and comfortable they are! It felt like it I didn’t even have contacts on. However, I wasn’t to pleased with the color...they look beautiful in a picture but I felt that I looked evil in person. I think it’s because the outer ring kinda seems orange and not dark so i felt like I was looking at a vampire version of myself in the mirror LOL but no complaints on the how comfortable they are. Order other ones from GEO

Super Natural! Highly recommend

These are so comfortable and light! I worn them for over 10 hours since I have class and work for the whole day and it didn't feel dry like what my usual contacts would feel! I am super impressed. Definitely going to order more soon!! They made my eyes so much lighter and natural! The photo shows one eye with and without the contacts! My natural eye color is dark brown. Good for Asian eyes!

Love it!

I love them so much! They are so comfortable and easy to put them on.


Comfortable to wear contacts. The color is a very natural light brown. Almost has yellow specks throughout, making it look hazel under some lights. Works well on dark eyes.

Amazing Contacts

The shipping was fast, the lenses are comfortable and were exactly what I was looking for. I have no complaints :)