So, with all the options out there for different types of sunglasses, you may be wondering - which of these options is really important? What is AR? Why do I need it? And do I really need it?

What is AR Coating, Anyway?

AR stands for “Anti-Reflective” coating, or an anti-glare feature. When applied to sunglasses, anti-reflective coating eliminates glare from sunlight reflecting into your eyes from the back surface of tinted lenses when the sun is behind you.

AR Coating Helps You See Better

Not only can AR coating help you see things more clearly, with a crisper, brighter appearance - it can also help you stay safer while driving as they help avoid dangerous glare from the sun and bright lights. Particularly if you wear high-index plastic lenses, AR coatings are especially beneficial. High index plastic lenses can reflect up to 50 percent more light than regular plastic lenses, or about 12 percent of available light.

Today's modern anti-reflective coatings can virtually eliminate the reflection of light from eyeglass lenses, allowing 99.5 percent of available light to pass through the lenses and enter the eye for good vision.

Better Night Vision

One major benefit to AR coating is the ability to see more clearly at night, particularly when driving at night. Now, perhaps you’re not one to wear your sunglasses at night. But, perhaps you are if it can help you to drive safely. We don’t judge. Day or night, AR coating is just plain good for your eyes!

Less Eye Strain

In today’s technological world, with electronics all around, eye strain is a major concern for the majority of us! It’s important to reduce eye strain as much as possible. Choosing sunglasses with AR coating can help!

Eye strain can cause a wide variety of problems. Including chronic headache, poor sleep, lowered productivity, and over time, reduced visual acuity, meaning you may require a prescription if you did not previously or you require more powerful prescription correction. All of these I’m sure you’ll agree are worth preventing.

Scientists now know that avoiding eye strain from UV rays isn’t as simple as just avoiding staring directly into the sun, as we were told years ago. UV doesn’t only reach your eyes directly. More damaging, in fact, can be the indirect light we experience as a result of glare. For example, water, sand, and thousands of other surfaces reflect UV light, which then reaches and damages your eyes. AR coating can help reduce the damaging rays you experience, and therefore the effects of everyday light exposure.

Less Squinting

AR coating on your sunglasses not only reduces the glare of the light coming through the glasses. It also reduces the damaging light bouncing between your face and the inside of your lenses. And we all know what squinting does to your skin - wrinkles and fine lines.

We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s better to prevent wrinkles and fine lines than to try and combat them later on. Men and women spend thousands each year to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles - which could be prevented with a few simple daily changes. One of which is just choosing sunglasses with AR coating.

Easy to Clean

AR coating is a hydrophobic and oleophobic technology that repels water and oils. This makes it much easier to clean your lenses. You will want to be sure to use the cloth provided with your glasses and clean them according to manufacturer instructions. You also should plan to wet your lenses before cleaning them to avoid scratches from dirt and debris. Keeping these tips in mind for cleaning your lenses, you will be able to keep them clean and clear - and see the world around you with optimal sharpness and color clarity!


Lenses with AR coating last longer than lenses without. They are much more resistant to scratches, as well as repelling dirt, water, and oil. Sunglasses are an investment. And you want your investment to last as long as possible, right? That’s why it’s so important to consider the quality of the lenses you choose. Stop choosing lenses that will only last you one season, or shades that are constantly impairing your vision with dirt and debris. Get a great pair of fashionable sunglasses you’ll love to wear.

How Do I Get It?

In order to get the benefits of AR coating, you want to make sure you purchase your sunglasses from a reputable seller, and make sure they are made by a quality manufacturer. You can learn more about the process your manufacturer uses to apply AR coating, as well as their unique formula and its benefits by researching online. Or, choose a company you can trust to only stock the very best in sunglasses!


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