Glasses are a staple accessory that could make or break your look. From the classic rounded frame, to aviators, to cat-eyes— frame style is just as important as the lens action to create the perfect eyewear. Being around since the 1200’s, eyeglasses have since changed its dorky and bullied reputation to a standard fashion accessory. Eyeglasses’ bad rep is now a relic of the past and a gem in trends and style.

From Avengers star RDJ’s spectacle evolution to Suzy Bae’s simple yet sophisticated eyewear look from the hit drama While You Were Sleeping—celebrities of this age sparked the fashion bandwagon even more and we are all eyes on what specs they are wearing.

Here are 13 stars that effortlessly rock the specs fashion:

1. Selena Gomez

Selena has been injecting vintage-inspired pieces into her style recently and a lot are impressed as they are intrigued. She finishes her look with a pair of retro-inspired glasses for an effortless 70’s look.

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2. Kendall Jenner

Kendall sports eyewear pretty well, and has a knack for transforming once-offbeat styles to a total trend. When she’s not in full glam, she maintains a chic look with basic pieces such as a pair of round glasses.

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3. Gal Gadot

When Wonder Woman’s off duty, Gal takes on a catwoman flair to her style with her iconic cat-eye glasses. Pair her piercing eyes with a fierce and sophisticated frame and we’ve got an unstoppable duo.

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4. Taylor Swift

Taylor is the perfect definition of geek chic. From her You Belong With Me persona to her current style, Swift consistently rocks each look with a good pair of glasses. She especially looks classic with her black rectangular frame to pair with her all-black outfit.

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5. Gigi Hadid

A pair of 70's style aviators adds a vintage vibe to the supermodel's cozy, chic look. Aviator frames are flattering on most face shapes because the brow bar draws attention to the eyes and makes the lower face appear slimmer.

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6. Guanlin of Wanna One

Wanna One maknae Guanlin is one of the eyewear-trendsetting kpop idols of today. A deviant from the use of the typical masculine frames, Guanlin chooses to sport the cat-eye look in style. His steel cat-eye frame creates a mature yet stylish look. If you’ve never thought of choosing cat-eyes for eyewear, allow Guanlin’s adorable look to change your mind.

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7. Taeyeon of SNSD

An avid wearer of eyeglasses and circle contact lenses, SNSD's (Girls’ Generation) leader Taeyeon proves that eyewear can create a sweet and charming look with her pair of black round glasses.

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8. Jisoo of Blackpink

A pause from the dreamy contact lenses and glamorous look, Blackpink’s Jisoo takes on a stunning hip vibe with a pair of silver aviators.

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9. Tzuyu of TWICE

Anyone who has seen Tzuyu of TWICE can vouch for her effortless beauty and gorgeous eyes. A pair of black round glasses further accentuate her eyes to create a charming look.

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10. Minah of Girl's Day

t’s a good day to see Minah's delightful look with her black round glasses. Her rounded frame perfectly complements her heart-shaped face.

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11. IU

A little change to the nerdy sweetheart of Pretty Man's usual rounded and thick-rimmed glasses, IU soothes our eyes with her simple yet fetching look thanks to her oversized rectangular frame.

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12. Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae looks good with anything and her pair of tortoiseshell browline glasses is the perfect piece that adds a little edge to her simple look.

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10. Sarah Hyland

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is a lookbook for stylish eyeglasses as she is for hairstyles. Glasses are an uncommon choice of accessory for red carpet events but for Sarah, a pair of silver rounded frames are the cherry on top of her black-silver ensemble.

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14. Robert Downey Jr.

Even before RDJ was Tony Stark, he’s been sweeping girls off their feet with his dapper looks and sharp sense of style. A blast from the past, RDJ’s iconic pair of tortoiseshell specs in his 1989 movie True Believer makes a stylish vintage choice today.

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Whether it’s for a shot to experience 20/20 vision or an instant boost on the everyday look, these stars definitely know how to wear a pair. Whether you’re with Gal Gadot’s fierce cat-eye or Taeyeon’s sweet round glasses, you won’t ever have to look far to get the best pair of eyewear out there.

While eyeglasses can indeed hit or miss a look, it only takes a relatable style inspiration and a good selection of creative and classic eyewear to achieve a sure hit. Thankfully, Moonspecs eyewear is our go-to haven for classy, no fuss eyeglasses that suit our style.

Nerd meets style at this day and age, and yes, four eyes are now a thing. Does the future look bright for eyewear? The answer is a spectacular yes.


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