Can Your Glasses Protect You from Coronavirus?

In today’s world, it’s impossible to escape daily news updates regarding COVID-19 and the precautions governments, employers, and retailers are taking to help guard us all from the virus. These are certainly uncertain times. Some individuals are taking many extreme precautions while others are leaving the possibility of infection to chance. Likely you yourself fall somewhere in the middle on this spectrum.

One common safety measure being used is wearing face masks and even safety goggles when out in public. There are mixed reviews on the effectiveness of face masks in preventing the spread of the virus. But, why goggles?

Well, the primary means of spread of COVID-19 is through droplets released into the air by those infected when they cough or sneeze.

Among the top recommendations for avoiding contracting the virus is to avoid touching the face as this can be a primary entry point.

As with many viral infections, the eyes are a particularly vulnerable contact point. A Chinese doctor reported having been infected through his eyes earlier in January, partly because our eyes are so porous. Best practice is surely to avoid the eyes as an entry point for COVID-19 or any virus.


The good news for glasses-wearers is that you have a built-in COVID-19 barrier in the form of your everyday glasses, or even sunglasses. Safety goggles are being worn mostly because they cover a larger area of the face than typical glasses. This effect can also be accomplished by choosing a pair of oversized glasses, which also come in sunglasses, perfect for the warming weather. While lab goggles may cover more area above or below your eye, everyday prescription glasses are certainly a better alternative than leaving your eyes unprotected. Luckily, oversized glasses are also on trend at the moment, making it the perfect time to protect yourself from viral infection as well as make a fashion statement.

Keep your glasses clean

A few other important tips - keep your glasses clean! We can’t express the importance of this enough - properly clean your glasses with a clean cloth, not your shirt or other fabric that may be carrying germs and bacteria. Also, we know it’s tempting - but do not breathe on your glasses to create a steam that will help to clean them. Wipe them using a tissue (or clean wipe) with 70% isopropyl alcohol instead, which the CDC has recommended for disinfecting (killing) viruses and bacteria. We must all work together to prevent the rapid spread of this virus.

Trapped at home, working day in and day out from a laptop? You’re not alone. While many of us may be feeling grateful for the opportunity to continue working and bringing an income to our families while staying safe and healthy at home, Work-from-home practices cause challenges of their own. For example, you may be experiencing dry eyes, fatigue, chronic headache, and other symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. This can be caused by exposure to damaging blue light.

Blue light exposure can cause many uncomfortable side effects and even lasting damage to your vision. Blue light blocking lenses are strongly recommended for anyone spending large amounts of time in front of any type of screen. And with more and more of us spending 8+ hours per day in front of a computer, now is a particularly important time to consider getting a pair for yourself.

Starting 17 March, 2020, we here at MOONSPECS are offering a

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