Best Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

We know… perfecting your makeup look isn’t easy - and it’s made even trickier if you’re also sporting glasses, whether they’re for vision correction or just protection. Gone are the days of avoiding wearing your specs by transitioning to contact lenses or going under the knife. Now, even those with 20/20 vision are sporting fashionable eyewear. That’s because in 2019, it is more important than ever to be proactive about protecting your peepers from the harmful effects of blue light. Blue light is all around us, radiating from the electronic devices our lives revolve around.


Luckily for us, manufacturers are now making glasses frames that are cute, spunky, sassy, flirty, sexy, and beautiful. Just like makeup looks, many women have a pair of eyewear for every mood and occasion! But, how do you accomplish the best makeup looks? How do you avoid speckled lenses and other makeup mishaps? And how do you ensure your glasses don’t overpower your other beauty efforts? Read on and learn, my friends!

In order to keep your glasses from stealing the show, we recommend this go-to eye makeup routine. Be sure to fill in your brows with a shadow that matches your hair color or a high quality brow pencil. You’ll want a light base eyeshadow to cover your entire lid and another shade for the lower portion of your lid.

Don’t forget to line your top lid with a gel liner and your bottom lid with a powder liner. You want to always be sure to create a balance between the definition of your eyes and your frames - especially with a bold, daring frame! For a thicker frame, create a bolder line on your lash line. And last but not least, two coats of waterproof mascara - and give it time to dry before putting on those specs to avoid those pesky little mascara speckles on your lenses. Try applying it to only your top lashes. Another tip for keeping those mascara marks at bay - curl those lashes! Also, look for mascaras that are plumping, curling, and volumizing. Avoid lengthening mascara to avoid lashes that touch your lenses.

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Now - here’s a mistake that millions of women make - and one we can help you avoid. Don’t assume your glasses will hide your eyes and eliminate any need to spend time perfecting them. On the contrary, wearing glasses can actually draw attention to your eyes. Don’t skimp out on the concealer! Glasses will accentuate your eyes - which is great. Except if you’re sporting dark circles or bags under them… Concealer is key! This is especially important if you wear a darker frame, as you’ll have the reflection of your frame to contend with as well.

Make setting powder your best friend! A bit on your nose pads - and any other part of your frame that touches your face - will save you from rub-off and keep your complexion looking perfect all day long!

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Just as you want to keep your dark circles at bay - don’t forget to tame your brows! Glasses will draw the eye to… well, your eye! You don’t want to show off an unkempt jungle of brow! Plus - a well-maintained, perfectly-filled brow will frame your specs beautifully!

If you wear a nude or pastel frame, you’ll want to go with a softer eye makeup look. Choose lighter eyeshadow. Create definition with your eyeliner and mascara instead. This allows for a fresh, wide-eyed look that you’ll love.

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A favorite look among glasses wearers who prefer a dark, thick frame - a bold, bright lip to go along with it. This look is classic beauty and adored by many! With a thinner, softer frame, consider a nude or beige lip for an all-natural, yet perfect combination!

Love your colored frames? So do we! And we love the way you rock them! Be cautious when choosing eyeshadow colors to avoid shades that will clash with your frames. Even better, choose coordinating shades - a bit lighter for your whole lid and a tough darker for the crease. This will really maximize the impact of your fashion statement!

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Use your glasses as an enhancement to your look! Sporting crystal-blue eyes? Try a navy frame! Brilliant browns? Try on a pair of gold frames for size. Wider frames are perfect for high cheekbones. Think of your best features and choose a frame that highlights them!

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One of our most important makeup tips - play with it! Experiment with different makeup looks - and different glasses, for that matter! Maybe you have a go-to, everyday pair. That doesn’t mean you can’t try on another pair for size… or shape… or color! The same goes for makeup looks. And combinations of the two. Have fun with it! Beauty is meant to be fun - and makeup and accessories are meant to help you express yourself. Try new looks until you find one you love!

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