Why Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses help reduce the effects of damaging blue light. Blue light rays are a very real problem that we face in today’s digital world. Laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, and more emit blue light rays. Not only that - LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, and even the sun itself can cause blue light damage.

The effects of blue light are nearly endless! Blue light can cause retinal damage, resulting in scratchy, itchy eyes and blurred or decreased vision. Other effects include poor sleep, fatigue, chronic headaches, eye strain, and difficulty focusing.

You’ve Convinced Me - Where Do I Start?

Well, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding your perfect pair of blue light glasses. Whether you’re looking for a pair that also offers vision correction or simply planning for prevention with non-prescription lenses, there is a pair perfect for you! We’ve compiled a list of the ten best. These are blue light glasses with durable, comfortable frames and high-quality, clear view lenses. No need to worry about yellow tints or harsh glares - we’re only showing you the best blue light glasses on the market!

These frames are ultra-unique and crazy cool! And the crystal-clear lenses allow you to see the world in its purest, most beautiful form - without concern over macular damage. Avery Geometric blue light blocking glasses are flirty and fun!

Hope blue light blocking glasses are playful yet professional, with just the bit of flair you need to let your style show through! Hope comes in classic black - with black and white marble-effect sides adding intrigue and just a bit of surprise. Or, opt for this adorable frame in a light, neutral pink with brown sides.

The already-awesome Luna round frames get an upgrade with sturdier materials, a more proportioned nose bridge and comfortable resin-coated temples. The on-trend round frame suits a variety of face shapes, while the slim construction makes for effortless, wear-everywhere comfort.

Libra blue light blocking glasses are oval-framed, lightweight, and totally nerdy-chic! Durable TR90 material creates the most comfortable glasses you can buy! Crystal and violet options are perfect as they go with everything! Libra is casual enough for everyday wear, running errands and even relaxing at home, yet professional enough to wear to work as well.

No eyeglass list would be complete without a classic Cat Eye frame! Meet the blue light blocking glasses of your fantasies with the gorgeous Fantasia frame! Clear, anti-glare lenses allow you to protect your eyes from damaging blue light rays radiating from your cell phone, laptop, tablet, television, and other electronic devices without sacrificing your view.

Leonidas blue light blocking glasses come in a color for every occasion, every style, and every wearer. For frames that blend in, and crystal-clear lenses you’ll forget you’re wearing, check out a transparent pair. Classic black frames your gorgeous, glowing eyes perfectly. Tortoiseshell goes perfectly with blacks, browns, and any neutral. For something a bit different, Leonidas comes in a print reminiscent of wood grain. Or, for the perfect pop of color, you’ve got to see these blue light filtering glasses in bright orange!

The unique shape of our Imagine blue light blocking glasses will have you hooked! Plus, with multiple color trends to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits you perfectly. Frames are lightweight and super-thin, allowing for no distractions from your gorgeous eyes! Imagine frames come in silver, black, beautiful combination of black and gold, and 2019’s very favorite - rose gold!

Sagittarius has a rounded profile that will soften strong features. Each endpiece is pierced into the frame with studs that add definition to the style. Lightweight, easy to wear, and available in 6 colors. This is a classic choice perfect for flattering diamond and heart shaped faces!

Mood blue light blocking glasses come in a wide variety of stylish colors, all with a frame perfect for square, triangle, round, oval, and oblong face shapes. The full frame comes in a sleek black or in unique tortoiseshell tones that accentuates your look. Not just functional, but also tons of fun, you will love sporting these blue light filtering glasses for work and play.

Reminiscent of the eyewear worn by your favorite teenage wizard (but much sturdier and more protective) these blue light filtering glasses are scratch resistant and won’t smudge. You won’t need tape or a magic wand to keep them in perfect condition!


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